Die Erlebnisberichte

"Gerne würde ich weiterhin
von Dir massiert werden."

Tatjana, Ravensburg, Deutschland

"Die Gespräche in der Schwangerschaft haben mir geholfen, Vertrauen aufzubauen."

Maria, Ulm, Deutschland

"Everyone who is giving birth without a doula is insane."

Danielle, Amerikanerin aus Biberach, Deutschland

​I honestly cannot imagine how I would have made it through my pregnancy and the birth of my daughter without Loriane. As a recent American Expat, navigating the birth process in Germany was overwhelming, both emotionally and logistically. My previous pregnancy was high-risk, so I also had a lot of anxiety about having a 'normal' pregnancy this time around. Loriane gets it, and I was always able to talk openly about my fears and hopes surrounding the birth. She helped me finalize my birth plan, gave me advice about choosing a hospital, provided me with a ton of information, and so much more. All the while she was totally non-judgmental about my choices - she just wanted me to be happy and comfortable with them. The birth itself was an amazing, unforgettable experience. Loriane was able to support me and and my husband from early labor at my house through a very painful active labor in the hospital, plus more than one hour of pushing out my 3.7 kilo, sunny-side-up baby! She was a constant source of calm, knowing what I needed before I did, advocating for me with the midwives. After the birth I said to her, "Everyone who is giving birth without a doula is insane." And I meant it! I just can't say enough wonderful things about Loriane. She is an inspiration.

"Loriane is intelligent and sensitive to the needs of others, with a thoughtful and warm personality."

Elise, Australierin aus Biberach, Deutschland

I highly recommend Loriane as a doula and consider myself fortunate to have met her and been able to benefit from her support. Loriane is intelligent and sensitive to the needs of others, with a thoughtful and warm personality. [...]

During each of our meetings before and after the birth, Loriane provided wise words that stayed in my mind. As I am a first time mother, discussing my birthing preferences with Loriane prior to the birth helped consolidate them in my mind.[...]

The contractions were intense, however Loriane’s presence during the birth helped give me the courage and confidence to continue without any medications for the pain. [...]

Overall, the experience was empowering for me. Having a healthy baby and being able to give him a good start in life, made his birth a particularly positive and special event.

"[...]immer sehr aufmerksam und respektvoll."

Klervi, Isère, Frankreich

​Loriane hat meine Wünsche richtig verstanden und hat mir deutliche und genaue Antworten gegeben. Sie war mir gegenüber immer sehr aufmerksam und respektvoll. Schade war es, dass sie bei der Geburt wegen der großen Distanz (800km) nicht dabei sein konnte.

"Loriane hat es schnell verstanden, mir die Angst wegzunehmen"

Emilande, Isère, Frankreich

Die Antworten, die ich bekommen habe, haben mir sehr geholfen, zur Ruhe zu kommen. Ich bin eher ein angstvoller Mensch. Loriane hat es schnell verstanden, mir die Angst wegzunehmen, indem sie mir alle Fragen beantwortet und die Dinge in einer passenden Weise erklärt hat.

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